Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden

Your support

In order to complete the new English organ to its full glory, we need a sum of more than € 800,000. This amount must be raised via the government, cultural organizations, sponsors and donors. With your financial support, which is tax-deductible, you will not only contribute to the realization of an organ that is unique to the Netherlands; you will also enjoy a number of advantages!

Our donors, and those who adopt an organ pipe or register, will receive discounts on the costs of tickets for all concerts and events organized by the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden. Moreover, you will receive the special promotional CD. Henk Kooiker, Theo Visser and the Leidse Cantorij under the direction of Hans Brons recorded English choral and organ music for this, making use of the ‘Father’ Willis organ that has been purchased. So you can now enjoy the future tones of the great English cathedral organ.

Companies have the opportunity of linking their name with concerts, festivals and other events. Your company name will be mentioned in various local, regional and national newspapers and trade journals. In addition, you will have the opportunity of inviting your business associates, personnel, family and friends to the events you have sponsored. As soon as the organ is completed, we will be able to organize special demonstrations of the organ and tailor-made concerts for you. And finally, your company’s name will appear on the website and on a special plaque that will be mounted on the organ.

In this way, your company can build up its network in very special surroundings, generate long-lasting name awareness and offer a really exceptional business-related event, distinguishing the company from the competition. This can certainly be the case through the ‘adoption’ of the largest pedal register organ pipes Double Open Wood 32’. These pipes, the largest of which is ten metres (!) tall, will be in full view at ground level. By adopting one of these pipes you will have the pleasure of having your company name on the organ pipe itself!

The Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden will be happy to provide you with information on other opportunities for sponsoring. For example, you could consider placing advertisements in all the concert programmes and on the website: It goes without saying that the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden is open to all your suggestions as to possible forms of sponsorship.

If you would like to enjoy all the possible advantages, and wish to join the Stichting Cathedral Organ Leiden in realizing the new English organ, just send an e-mail to:

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